Onam Pookalam Design Photos

Onam Pookalam Design Photos: The festival of Onam is well known with a lot of enthusiasm within the Southern part of India, especially Kerala. The celebrations of this pageant can handiest beloved with the aid of collaborating in each and every tradition of it.

The maximum common subculture observed in Kerala during the 10 days of Onam is the Pookalam decorations. Word Pookalam is made from an aggregate word, Poo, and Kalam that means plants and form respectively. Onam pookalam are usually circular in shape and also are recognized as flower mats. The plants used to make Pookalams are brilliant and those plant life further highlight the celebrations of this pageant.

It is also said that special flowers are used to make Pookalams at some stage in the 10 days of Onam. Specific type of flora are used on every day of Onam celebrations and the most common flora that you could come upon are Mukkutti (little tree plant), Hanuman Kireedom (Red pagoda plant), Kakka Poovu, Chemparathy (shoe flower), Thechipoovu, Thumba (Lucas Aspera), Aripoo or Konginipoo (Lantana), and Chethi (Ixora).

All the above plant life are used for the Pookalam decorations and amongst these Thumba plants are extremely crucial. These are small plant life that glint when sun rays fall on them.

Designing a stunning Onam pookalam is an artwork and for this numerous competitions also are prepared on the Onam Day. Learn this artwork of making appealing Onam pookalams and make this festival all of the extra special.

So here We present a list of amazing Onam Pookalam Design Photos for you to try on 2018. We’re sure they will surely intrigue you:

Pookalam Design

Pookalam Design 2018

Simple Pookalam Design

simple pookalam designs for home

Simplicity is beauty, an old adage goes. That’s true. You really don’t have to design something intricate, unless you’re pretty professional in designing your pookalams. Simple patterns will do and still can turn into a wonderful artwork.

onam Pookalam Design

best Pookalam Design

small pookalam designs

simple onam pookalam

onam pookalam first prize

onam pookalam first prize

Pookalam designs become its central origination of this South like India furthermore, that carries a hint of its festivities during.

Pookalam does usually design on seasons like Onam moreover each from them is decorated plus designed by the utmost end. All so Rangoli designs offer their own uniqueness also opulence, total charm to this place if performed impeccably.

prize winning pookalam designs

onam pookalam designs sketches

onam pookalam with theme

small onam pookalam designs

small pookalam

onam pookalam designs gallery

easy onam pookalam designs

Pookalam For Church

Onam Pookalam videos

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