Jackfruit Pradhaman Onam Special Recipe

Jackfruit Pradhaman Onam Special Recipe: This is a special dish to be prepared in the Onam season.



Ripe Jackfruit – 250 gms
Coconut- 3 nos
Chopped Coconut- 2 tablespoon
Cardamom Powder- 2 tablespoon
Jaggery- 500gms
Cahewnut- 15 gms
Ghee- 2 tablespoon

How to prepare Jackfruit Pradhaman

Chop and cook the jackfruit well. Melt Jaggery in a cup of water and strain. Scrape the coconut and extract the milk without adding water. Take the second milk by adding a cup of water. Then take the third milk by adding two cups of water and keep aside. Fry the chopped nuts and kismiss till attaining a golden brown color and keep it aside.

Take the ghee in a thick bottom vessel and heat. Add jackfruit, sago and jaggery soup and cook it. Add the third extract of coconut milk and cook till it thickens and adds the second extract of coconut milk, followed by the first milk. When it begins to boil remove the pan from the fire and add cardamom powder and fried ingredients. Wait for half an hour. Now the jackfruit pradhaman is ready to serve.

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